sumac spice

sumac spice

Sumac spice:

Sumac plant could be found in Mediterranean region, south of Italy and eastern Asia, especially in Iran. Sumac berries would be obtained from wild decorative bush which have red-brown color. These berries at beginning have the bittersweet flavor then they turned tart and sour. Sumac producers crush the berries and then produce the powder form. People in Turkey and Middle East and Arabic countries are accustomed to use sumac spice as a condiment for lots of foods especially with rice and kebab dishes and salad dressing. It is our proud to announce that Saresh General Trading LLC’s sumac is so excellent, natural and organic.

Sumac spice has great features which can be used for the cure of some disease like: diabetes, gout, rheumatic disease, stomach bleeding, toothache. Sumac spice would increase appetite and strengthen gums and also filter the blood. In addition sumac decrease sweating and alleviating fever.

Some people stew the leaves of the sumac bush in order to dye their white hair into black one.

The crucial point which all consumer should take into consideration is that they have to avoid using fresh sumac because it may lead to toxicity and irritation. So it is better to use the dried and powdered form of Sumac.

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Cumin Seeds

Cumin Seeds

Cumin (Green Zeera):

Cumin’s bush has several white flowers which contain green-gray fruits and these fruits are considered cumin and have a great smell. Cumin is the wild plant and fortunately there are lots of regions in Iran which have suitable environment for the cumin’s growth. Iran is of those countries which play an important role in exporting cumin. We are pleased to announce that Saresh General Trading LLC has cumin which is of the best quality and its usage would give you a joyful sense.

Beside using cumin as a flavor in food’s products, manufacturers use its oil and add it to special beverage, condiment and dessert. In addition cumin would be used in perfumery industry and for aromatic lotions.

Medical properties of Cumin:

Cumin would help to release intestinal gas and alleviate the pain of waist in women. It is the cure of kidney difficulties, dyspepsia, bronchitis and stomachache. Cumin is antibacterial, anti-inflammation, antitoxin, anti-carminative, anti-tumor and fungicides. Chewing cumin is really helpful for removing the bad smell of the mouth due to the usage of onion and fresh garlic. The usage of cumin would increase the sexual interest and potential and also strengthen stomach and womb.