About Saresh General Trading Company

Saresh General Trading Company started its business trading activities in 1990 and after many years of glorious experiences in the field of business and trading activities and owning offices in UAE and China countries, at now it has proved itself as one of the experts in the international business. Due to the expansion of the business activities with China, Germany, United Kingdom, UAE, Oman, USA and Canada countries, it has become a powerful center in this field.
Saresh General Trading Company offers extensive services in the field of international business. These services include: Accomplishment of all steps of importing and exporting goods which includes: purchasing foreign goods, receiving pro forma invoice, Establishing LC, sending and receiving… shipping and insurance, good’s inspection, getting all required licenses and standards, goods’ release and delivery in the intended destination.

    • Import and export of all licensed goods from and to the East Asia, the middle Asia, the west Europe and the northern America
    • Shipment and release of all licensed goods from national customs
    • Open importing and exporting of all foreign licensed goods from Iran’s customs or UAE customs.
    • Exchange transfer from the country to abroad and from abroad to Iran by Saresh Trading other offices in China and UAE
    • Supplying and distribution of raw materials of industrial factories, automotive, oil, gas and petrochemical, robotics and mechatronics, electronics, industrial automation and all the other industries
    • Importing of all required production line machines of Iran factories form all countries especially Europe and USA
    • Importing of all required components of cars and leasing services, all personal computer parts, laptops, Mobile phones, tablets from China and UAE
    • Receiving sales and services representatives from valid companies and issuing after sale services, support, installation and supplying spare parts in Iran and UAE
    • Persuading foreign individuals and companies in investment and financing in all manufacturing, industrial, trade and tourism sections
    • Establishing LC in cash during the import process and providing all licensed foreign goods for Iran
    • Exporting of all made-of-Iran goods such as different minerals like iron ore and expulsion stone, food ingredients like saffron, peanut, cumin, barberry, raisins, beet and all the other licensed goods for export
    • Establishment of finance lines and refinance through all foreign banks in UAE and China
    • Transportation of imported and exported goods from Iran customs by road, air and the sea
    • Importing and Exporting from a foreign country to a third-party destination
    • Dispatching company’s experts and inspectors to all areas in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong to inspect the goods before whole purchase

    The abstract of Saresh Trading Group trading activities:

    • 1370) Importing food ingredients
    • 1372) Distribution and sales of inside country food materials – import of cloths from Russia
    • 1373) Import of Japanese motor parts
    • 1375) Import of sewing machine form Japan
    • 1376) Import of Russian goods from Russia
    • 1378) Distribution of all kinds of stationary from Korea and china- Import of bread raw material
    • 1379) Importing and distribution of wood from Russia
    • 1380) Importing and distribution of timber machine parts- Joining Iran’s chamber of commerce
    • 1381) Financial transfer to USA and vise-versa
    • 1382) Importing food ingredients
    • 1383) Shipment of goods to Turkey- Import of clothes from Turkey
    • 1384) Importing cars from Dubai and Kuwait- Importing cosmetics from Dubai
    • 1385) Shipment and transit of goods to Afghanistan- Exporting goods to Afghanistan
    • 1386) Importing LED – Distribution of robotics parts
    • 1388) Importing razor-blade from China and India- exchange transfer in Yuan to China- Exporting tile to Afghanistan
    • 1389) Establishment of trading office in Shenzhen city of China – joining guilds- Exporting iron ore to China- Opening bank account in Conlon bank of China
    • 1391) Establishment of Saresh trading services office in Dubai, expanding money and financial services and exchange transfer- Importing SMD assembly machines- Exporting saffron to European and American countries
    • 1392) Sales of turbojets- Sales of Mega meter, X-meter nuclear measurement devices and …- Buying shares of one of Chinese banks- Establishment of currency exchange company in Shenzhen city of China- Receiving ISO9001-2008 quality certificate from CCQB
    • 1393) Setting up online portal for exchange transfer to abroad and vise-versa- Membership in Saffron Export Union
  • All import services including purchase, shipment, release and delivery of the goods in the intended destination
  • All export services including exchange transfer from destination to Iran, receiving export license and required standards
  • Exchange transfer including money transfer to UAE, China and vise-versa
  • Shipment of goods by air cargo and shipment of retails by sea from China and UAE
  • The possibility of sending our inspectors to the manufacturer factories in China to inspect the quality of the goods during the production process.
  • According to our future vision the mission of managers and Saresh general trading company staff are as below:
    • We would like to provide our clients with the best quality and price, especially for home clients.
    • We try to deliver goods sooner than the time we promise our clients to.
    • We would like to be as the most major trading company in its field in and out of the country.
    • We do our best to encourage foreign investors to invest in our country.
    • We owe our structure and endurance to you respected clients, so we constantly try to satisfy our clients.
    • We need our clients’ satisfaction as we believe a satisfied customer will bring us more other customers.
    • We try to set our goal the export of a kind of goods to be able to create a positive balance in our foreign business relationships.

According to our future vision, we would like to present our company as the most major company in the private section in the field of business of related goods. Our aim is to attract foreign investment and any investment within country and also providing trading services in order to enhance the progress of long-term aims of our country Iran.