Dried Apricot

Dried Apricot:


Apricot is the type of fruit which is really sweet and delicious and contain great percentage of vitamins like C, A. the orange-like color of Apricot indicate that it is high quality, ripe, fresh and juicy.

Iran is the major country in producing and exporting dried apricot to all around the world. Saresh General Trading LLC’s Dried Apricot will supply all required vitamins for your body and keep you healthy.

The medicinal features of Apricot:

Apricot would lessen the danger of afflicting to disease like: heart disease, stroke, cataracts and some cancers. The dried apricot contain lots of energy and quickly provide great amount of energy for the consumers. In addition it would relaxed the muscles, improve thirstiness and remove the bad smell of the mouth.

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