Honey is a sweet thick liquid which is collected of different flowers by the honeybees. Honey contain little amount of water and because of this fact, consumers would be able to keep honey for a long time without a danger of spoiling. Vitamins like B and C, would be found abundantly in honey. Honey would lose its nutritional value if it heated up to 60 centigrade. The color of the honey would vary between white to the black one and depend on the flowers which their nectar taken by honeybees. Saresh General Trading LLC’s honey has the best quality with the minimum percentage of water and would be obtained from appropriate region.

Medicinal properties of honey:

Honey would cure scares by rubbing it on the scares. Also it would alleviate the cough and stomach and cure anemia, cancer, and digestive disorders. In addition honey would increase appetite and make your body healthy and strong. Furthermore it would has great effect on insomnia, blood circulation, stomachache, constipation and prevent stroke. Honey is anti-bacterial so all consumer could use it for the cure of sore throat and diarrhea. Those who are eager to lose weight can use this useful substance in a way to guarantee their health alongside reaching their goals. The mixture of honey and lemon juice would be so effective for adjusting body’s metabolism.

In medical industry, manufacturer would add honey to drugs and supply the sweetness of the drugs. Honey could be use in cosmetic products too.

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