Iranian Barberry




Barberry would be obtained from the barberry bush which has the spiny stems. In some cases these stems can be reached to the height of 4 meter. All barberry’s bush have cluster of red-sour fruits which have the unique characteristics. Alongside of using barberry as a condiment in foods and pickles, it can be used as a dye for leathers and wools.

Iran is one of the major country in producing barberry especially in south of Khorasan. We are pleased to announce that Saresh General Trading LLC’s barberry has the best quality and we will be ready to do business with all over the world.

Furthermore, it can cure lots of diseases like: diarrhea, diabetes, hemorrhoids, gallbladder problems, liver problems, rheumatic disease, spleen inflammation, scares, heart and kidney disease, and toothache. Barberry would decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol and consumer would lose weight by using barberry.

The properties of Barberry’s root and stem:

The root and stem of Barberry can be used for curing dyspepsia, gout, constipation, hemorrhoids and jaundice.

The properties of the leaves of the barberry: The leaves of barberry contain a great amount of the vitamin C, so people with lack of such vitamin would use it and see the great effects of barberry.


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