Iranian Tea


In ancient China, tea was considered an elixir and initially consumed for its perceived medicinal properties. Today, more and more scientific evidence contributes to the belief that tea, indeed, is a healthy beverage.

Iranian black tea can be considered the most popular drink for Iranians. Tea is served in almost all Iranian ceremonies and parties. The taking of tea is a ritual unto itself: most meetings or formal occasions will begin with the offering of tea, and most meals will end with it.

The Persian tea is brewed in a very easy manner. The tea dusts are normally used for brewing. The tea dust is normally placed in water and boiled nicely until it attains the correct texture.


The Persian teas are normally considered as the powerhouse of antioxidants. They are highly recommended for immune health and normally consumed to cure virus and bacterial illnesses. The tea aids in increasing the bone health and is found to be beneficial in increasing the bone-mineral density. The Iranian tea is also considered as a vital anti-arthritis drug because it contains compounds which negate the markers contributing to inflammation.

A number of recent studies suggest that tea may help to decrease the incidence of heart attack by reducing cholesterol in the blood, improving the function of blood vessels and inhibiting inflammation that can contribute to atherosclerosis.



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