Jujube is taken of the jujube bush and has the olive shape. The color of the jujube will changed from green to red one and some people call jujube as “Red Date” and “Chinese Date”. At beginning, when jujube is raw, it has the flavor like an apple, sweet and full of medical properties. In Britain, people are willing to use dried jujube with their tea while in Korea, China and Taiwan people prefer to use sweet juice of jujube. Dried Jujube mostly used by the people of Iran, Pakistan and India. Some people stew the leaves of jujube and believe that it would be helpful for the sore throat.

Jujube grows in the region with the hot weather and Iran is of those countries which is able to provide appropriate condition for the growth of the jujube. Saresh General Trading LLC’s jujube has desirable appearance and sweet flavor.

Medicinal usage of jujube:

Jujube is considered as the tranquilizer and can be used for decreasing stress, purify the blood, removing the poisonous substances in the body and brightening the skin. Also it would enhance the function of the stomach, spleen and digestive system. The usage of jujube would cure ulcers and prevent tooth decay and heart disease. The tea which is made of jujube is anticancer and strengthen body’s muscles.

Consumers should note that the usage of jujube would increase the amount of vitamin K which lead to the thickness of blood.

Jujube Red-jujube

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