Leather would be obtained by tanning rawhide especially from the cow hides. In tanning process skins of animals would turned into stable, flexible and permanent materials which have different applications. Rawhides and skins would be used in producing glue and gelatin.

Animal’s leather is taken of the skins of animals like: sheep, cattle, goat, ostrich, snake and so on. Sheep’s leather is a beautiful and well durable type with reasonable price. Cattle’s leather has great durability and would be used in producing safety gloves in chemical applications and motorcycling’s professional clothes.

Applications of leather: leather would be used in producing jackets, shoes, bags and purses, trousers, ties, gloves and suits.

How to recognize authentic leather from the fake one?

In some cases it would be so difficult to recognize natural leather. Typically natural leathers are more expensive than the artificial one and they have ID cards in which specific information are represented. Also the texture of natural leather is flexible and soft, so by touching them you can find out the fake one. Other ways of recognition are the leather’s smell and the patterns of their texture. Special pattern in the knots and texture of leather would indicate that it’s the fake one.

Iran is a country with high-quality raw hides. Saresh General Trading LLC’s leathers are natural and flexible with the reasonable price.


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