Pistachio is a kind of nut which can be used it freshly or heating it with salt. Pistachio contain vitamins like: B, B1, B3, E, A and lots of mineral nutrients. Because of this fact it is really helpful for health.

Iran and America are the major countries which produce and export Pistachio to all around the world. We are proud to declare that Saresh General Trading LLC’s Pistachio is of the best quality.

The medical properties of the pistachio:

The usage of the pistachio would cure disease like diarrhea, cough and stomach problems. Also, Pistachio would strengthen brain, mind, stomach functions and increase the sexual interest and potential. In addition pistachio would alleviate the pain in body and tranquilize the heart difficulties. These days scientists find out daily usage of pistachio would notably decrease the great amount of cholesterols and facilitate the circumstances of the blood of the body. Furthermore researches indicate that the gum of Pistachio would improve the process of sleeping, relax the muscles and decrease stress of the cosumers.

Green bark of fresh Pistachio have lots of features which can be used to improve the bad smell of the mouth, strengthen the gums, and cure the internal scares of the mouth. Researches show that stewing the green bark of Pistachio and drinking it would cure hiccough.

People who are suffering from diabete, gout and those who have kidney problems should avoid of using Pistachio.


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