Raisin is the nut which obtained from the fresh grape. It has different types with different colors and flavors. These types are Sunny raisin (Aftaby), the acid raisin (Tizaby), baccate raisin (Angoory) and currant (Maviz). The sunny raisin is a type which would be obtained from the different type of seedless grapes and dried under direct sunlight. In this situation the natural color of the grape would turned into brown. While the baccate raisin would be dried by the fume of the sulfur and its color turned into amber or light brown. Producers would use some chemical substances in order to make the acid raisin. The final product would be light yellow or brown. The currant would be taken of the black grapes and would contain E, B and A vitamins.

The crucial point which should be taken into consideration is that the fresh grape would not lose its characteristic when it turned into dried form. Also the percentage of its sugar would increase. In spite of great sweetness of raisin, it would prevent tooth decay and enhance the mouth condition.

Because of the fact that raisin contain great amount of fiber, it would prevent Colon cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and unusual growth of cells. Raisin’s fiber and Potassium reduce blood pressure and cholesterol and enhance intestine’s function. Also it would control the blood sugar and cure the stomach disorders and constipation. In addition Raisin contain calcium which is essential for having strong bones and preventing Osteoporosis. Usage of Raisin would make you energetic and improve the memory’s function.

America, turkey and Iran are the major countries which produce and export raisin to all over the world. Saresh General Trading LLC’s raisin is an organic product and has the best color and flavor.

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