Saffron is a plant with the scientific name of (crocus sativus), which has the outstanding features and these days some European company use it for the cure of depression. Saffron is the small plant with the height of 10-30 cm, in the midst of the saffron’s blossom there are some thread-like part of flower which is called stigma. Stigmas have the great smell and a little bitter taste. These dried stigmas are used to make saffron spice. In order to produce a single pound of saffron, 75000 saffron’s blossom should be cultivated and harvested by hand. So, because of this fact, saffron is considered one of the world’s most expensive spice. Saffron contain B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. We are pleased to announce that Saresh General Trading LLC’s Saffron has the best quality and we are willing to have business relationship with companies from all over the world.

Beside using Saffron as a yellow food coloring in cooking and confectionary, in manufacturing, saffron is used in producing perfumes and as a dye for cloth. Also, saffron are used in medicine.

As it mentioned Saffron has awesome features which can be used for the cure of diseases like: Asthma, depression, cough, insomnia, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, whooping cough, intestinal gas, infertility. Also it is really helpful in preventing premature ejaculation in sex. In addition, saffron decrease the blood pressure and cholesterol and alleviate the body’s pain.

Saffron brighten the color of the skin and because of this reason women are willing to use it for beauty purposes. Pregnant women should note that using great amount of saffron might be so dangerous for their child. Too much usage of saffron may lead to abortion, vomiting, bleeding of noise and also decreasing the heart rate.

Permitted amount of usage: Every person should use three gram of saffron monthly and this amount would really works.

How to keep Saffron: Saffron should be kept away direct light and moisture. You should also keep it in glass or metal container in order not to lose its quality.


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